Laser Scar Revision

What Is Laser Scar Revision?

If you had acne in your youth, you may have unwanted scars left in its wake! Acne scars, surgical scars or scars from trauma can leave you feeling less confident in your appearance.

Bedrossian has the ability to treat both superficial and deep scars with minimal discomfort and downtime. Using the Cortex CO2 and Erbium:YAG laser technology, the leading industry standard for skin rejuvenation and repair, he is able to reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars, raised scars, and atrophic scars on both young and aged skin.

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Ideally, two to three treatments spaced 1 month apart are necessary and they are done right in Dr. Bedrossian's office. Many see improvement immediately, but more often the best results are seen 3 to even 6 months after the treatment. The Cortex laser treatment stimulates the collagen which improves the structure of the skin weeks after the initial treatment. Because of the Cortex’s advanced technology, there is no prolonged downtime and the risk of hyperpigmentation is eliminated.

If you’re ready to finally erase the scars from your past, Dr. Bedrossian can help! Call the office today to schedule your consultation.

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