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Turn back the hands of time with laser skin rejuvenation! Your skin endures a barrage every day of sun damage, air pollution, harsh skin care products, and more! If you’ve noticed that your skin is not as youthful and glowing as it once was, Dr. Bedrossian will be able to help you using the Cortex laser!Your skin has two layers, the outer layer acting as a protective barrier and an inner layer that provides structural support which keeps the skin firm and tight. The Cortex laser combines the two most effective wavelengths available for skin resurfacing and can target both of these layers of skin.

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Dr. Bedrossian performs the treatment in the comfort of the office, usually taking less than a half an hour. It is a highly effective technique that removes superficial layers of the skin stimulating the production of fresh, young skin and deeper collagen. Many describe the feeling as similar to a warm facial massage and experience little to no discomfort.

After treatment, the outer layer of skin will peel away as if it were sunburned, leaving new, healthy and firm skin! This process generally takes 3-7 days and will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and brown spots. Laser resurfacing gives your skin radiance with renewed texture and beauty.

Skin resurfacing treatments work to smoothen and tighten and correct pigmentation on your face, giving you a radiance with a refreshed and youthful appearance. Dr. Bedrossian will assess the condition of your skin and how many treatments are needed. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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