Dr. Edward H. Bedrossian, Jr. is a third generation ophthalmologist who has been practicing leading edge compassionate eye care since 1983. He uses state of the art automated diagnostic equipment, digital cameras for an instant before and after photos, and a variety of safe sophisticated lasers for cosmetic eyelid surgery. Our high tech equipment allows us to bring you the very best in eye care.

Cataracts are a common ophthalmic problem affecting more than half of Americans 60 years of age and older. A cataract clouds the eye's natural lens but it is not painful. This cataract is caused by a buildup of protein in the eye and can worsen over time. Cataracts can form on one or both of the eyes, and can affect night vision, reading and even driving. Although cataracts cannot be prevented, Dr. Bedrossian offers surgical solutions to help you see clearly.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss or even blindness. Although glaucoma typically affects patients over 60, it can affect all ages. Glaucoma does not present itself with any symptoms, and most patients do not know they have it until they begin to lose their vision. It is important to see Dr. Bedrossian for regular eye exams to detect glaucoma early and determine a treatment plan.

Droopy Eyelids, also known as Eyelid Ptosis, is usually a result of aging, but may also be a side effect or certain surgeries or injuries. If the ptosis worsens, it is possible that it can affect the vision as the eyelid skin can restrict or block the eye. Dr. Bedrossian offers ptosis repair or blepharoplasty surgery to correct this.

Skin lesions can affect all areas of the body, including around the eyes or on the eyelids. Dr. Bedrossian is experienced in treating lesions of the eyelid and face to ensure they do not worsen or lead to more serious problems.

Dry Eye is a common condition affecting patients of all ages, and some don't even know they have it. Dry eye leaves the eyes without sufficient lubrication which often leads to itching, pain or redness.

Tearing of the eyes can happen for a number of reasons, but if you are noticing that your eyes are constantly tearing you may be suffering from epiphora. Excessive tearing can be caused by a blocked tear duct which could lead to a more serious infection. Dr. Bedrossian offers minimally invasive treatments to remove the blockage and restore the tear ducts.

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