Ear Lobe Repair

What Is Ear Lobe Repair?

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure necessary when the earlobe is torn or ripped from trauma or piercing or stretched by an earring. The goal of earlobe repair is to either rejuvenate the earlobe with an earlobe reduction or repair any tissue torn or damaged.

How Is Ear Lobe Repair Performed?

As an office procedure, an injection of anesthesia is given to numb the ear lobe. Then stitches ( sutures) are placed to repair the torn area.

Candidates For Ear Lobe Repair.

Any person of good health with a torn or stretched ear lobe is a candidate for this procedure.

Ear Lobe Repair PA

Earlobe Repair Before & After

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Will I Have A Scar After Ear Lobe Repair?

Yes, but the scars for earlobe reduction are camouflaged in the natural contours of the ear. For earlobes that are split, the repair we will follow natural contours of the ear or it may run through the earlobe, depending on the specific repair needed. With the scar, it will still look better than how it did before the repair. The scars will usually fade after 6 months.

Recovery After Ear Lobe Repair.

After repair, it is important not to rub your ear and to keep it dry and clean. The stitches will dissolve or be removed in 2 weeks.

Can I Have My Ears Re-Pierced?

Yes, ear lobe repair will restore the ability to hold an earring properly. We recommend patients wait 1-2 months after repair to re-pierce their ears.

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