Are Under Eye Bags Dragging You Down?

Facial aging can present a number of concerns that go far beyond the lines and wrinkles we dreaded in early adulthood. More than a few creases or frown lines, one of the concerns that affect many adults is bagging under the eyes. Undereye bags can be a frustrating problem because it’s nearly impossible to hide them. Puffiness and sagging tissue make the face appear tired and older than a person’s biological age. What may be even worse is the way that undereye bags can make a person seem. According to studies, bagging around the eyes presents the perception that a person is not very healthy or energetic and even that they are angry or sad. In our Drexel Hill, PA office, we offer solutions to help patients send their undereye bags packing.

Non-Surgical Eye Treatments

Mild to moderate undereye bags may be treatable using non-surgical modalities such as dermal filler injections. In fact, this technique has become widely popular in recent years. Dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid are ideal for the undereye area. These products work by binding to water molecules. The increase in water content beneath the skin adds volume where it is needed. In the case of undereye bags, volume as actually needed at the uppermost region of the cheeks, where tissue transitions to the undereye area. With just a few injections into this transitional space, the line called the tear trough can be plumped perfectly to smooth skin and disguise puffiness.

The use of dermal fillers for undereye bags is incredibly popular but that doesn’t mean it is right for everyone. In some situations, fillers can exaggerate the appearance of puffiness. To reduce the risk of an unsatisfactory outcome, it is beneficial to receive treatment from a board-certified physician with precise training in the use of filler products as well as familiarity with the structure of tissue around the eyes.


There are several reasons why eyelid rejuvenation surgery may be an ideal approach to undereye bags. Eyelid rejuvenation that focuses on the lower eyelids is called lower blepharoplasty. The outpatient procedure repositions and removes fatty tissue as needed before carefully trimming away excess skin. After a short recovery period of a week to 10 days, the face can look years younger and much friendlier.

You can refresh your face by focusing on undereye bags and we can help. To learn more about your nonsurgical and surgical treatment options, call (610) 789-6565.

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