Lymphatic Massage after Facelift Surgery Extends Beauty Benefits

Facelift Drexel Hill PA Facelift surgery remains a popular treatment option for adults who are interested in correcting various signs of aging. As medicine has advanced, facelift techniques have expanded. At the same time, they’ve become more refined and conservative. One used to be able to spot a facelift from a mile away. Ok, maybe only a few feet, but you get the idea. A person who had undergone a facelift tended to look tight or surprised; “windblown” was a term used to describe the results of the average facelift. Not anymore.

In our Drexel Hill office, patients can expect to receive considerate care from a board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon who has trained with some of the most well-respected oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeons in New York City. Dr. Bedrossian performs mid-face lift procedures with an eye for detail and a goal of natural beauty. Additionally, our practice offers facial lymphatic massage service to patients who would like to maximize their healing process.

Massage after a facelift helps with:

  • Of course, the tissue manipulation of a facelift will lead to some postoperative soreness and tenderness. The gentle upward massage strokes of a lymphatic facial soothe the pain receptors that signal the brain to interpret discomfort. Massage also increases circulation through healing tissues, which reduces pain.
  • Lymphatic massage is all about moving lymph, a clear fluid that sits in tissues throughout the body. By moving lymph and fluid out of facial tissues, our specialized massage technique can help swelling to dissipate much more quickly.
  • After surgical incisions have closed and stitches have been removed or dissolved, massage around the incision area can soften skin, promote immunity, and inhibit the formation of tissue buildup and thickening. The incisions made for a mid-face lift are typically very small and discreet but scarring is still an expected side effect of surgery.
  • Recovery time. Lymphatic massage is exceedingly gentle with barely any pull on the tissue. However, by moving fluid and increasing circulation, lymphatic massage prevents the buildup of toxins and acids in healing tissue. Increased circulation also delivers maximum oxygen to the tissues to promote rapid healing.

Typically, lymphatic massage can only occur after the surgeon has cleared a patient for this service. Because we offer this massage right in our office, the entire process can be arranged without any hassle.

Learn more about facelift surgery and our lymphatic massage treatment to aid in healing. Call (610) 789-6565.

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