Is Botox a Safe Wrinkle Treatment?

Botox, Drexel Hill PA Botox Cosmetic has been widely used around the world for several years now. Still, one of the most frequently asked questions we get in our office is about the safety aspect of this cosmetic drug. The concern about Botox being safe is especially prevalent among those who are considering treatment but have apprehensions. We can understand their perspective. If you are in this boat of wondering if Botox is safe, we want to set your mind at ease with clear information regarding the product and treatment.

History Of Botox

Botox, before it was called by that name, was initially developed as a treatment for strabismus, or lazy eye. This occurred in 1977. After over a decade of use and further clinical testing, Botox received FDA approval in 2002 and became a popular treatment for glabellar lines, aka frown lines. Since that time, approval has expanded to the treatment of crow’s feet and forehead lines. Doctors have also begun using Botox for medical concerns such as migraines and TMJ disorder.

How Botox Works

Botox is a wrinkle reducer that works through neuromodulation. People may know that Botox decreases muscle contractions but that is the most basic description of how this drug works. When Botox is injected into muscle tissue, the liquid gets absorbed and binds to receptors in the muscle that receive neurotransmission from the brain. Coated in a minute amount of botulinum toxin, these receptors become temporarily disabled. Without underlying muscle contractions, the skin becomes smoother and younger looking.

Not Without Risk

No treatment is complete without risk. Patients who receive Botox may experience side effects. Usually, these are very mild and short-lived. Common side effects from Botox injections include slight swelling and redness at injection points. Some people develop mild flu-like symptoms such as achiness and general fatigue or a headache. These side effects usually do not last more than a day, if that.

Like any drug, the dosage is a matter of importance for those getting Botox. A board-certified doctor is trained to recognize the dosage requirements for various parts of the face and is thus the best provider to have perform or oversee treatment.

Botox has been around long enough that we can attest to its safety and efficacy. To schedule a consultation where you can learn more about this drug and its many benefits, call (610) 789-6565.